Text (token) transposable by part?

I want to draw a line spanning several bars starting with the text: Bb Pedal in the Piano part and C Pedal in the part for Bb Tenor Sax.
I have several layouts from a single “lead sheet” Full Score so separate staff text for each part is not open to me as this project stands.

It seems I must now have separate players in the Full Score for the sole purpose of each player’s staff having her own non-transposing <Note> Pedal text. Obviously I’d rather have the single source and several transposing layouts as any changes to the music don’t have to be changed in each otherwise identical part.
Is there any “magic note name text token” that I can enter in the Full Score and have it automatically print the note name adjusted by the transposition (overrides) of each part layout so that if I were to add an Alto Sax layout at a later stage, the pedal line would automatically read G pedal

Could you use a chord symbol followed by text?

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For the time-being I am preceding the Pedal text with a chord symbol with the Pedal note as the Root e.g. F7sus4/Bb in the single concert pitch source player.
It conveys pretty clearly what is intended but … its not exactly what I was setting out to do.

Oh you beat me to it! Thanks, that’s what I’ve done. It pretty much does the job. Thanks @Craig_F

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