Text vs. tempo: switch stacking order?


I have a piece that has multiple sections that have their own mini titles. I added those titles as system text, but the result has two shortcomings:


  1. I would like the title to sit above the tempo marking. These two clash at almost all of these spots since most of the sections have their titles and a tempo marking.
  2. The second one is more of a aftereffect: The “rit.” flies up in the air because it is defined to reach all the way to the new tempo marking. (I could of course change this by reducing the “line”.)

Is there an option somewhere that would set the title above the tempo, thus solving both issues at once?
I have scrolled through the engraving options sections “Text” and “Tempo”, but nothing there caught my eye.

Thanks, everyone :slight_smile:

I’m afraid there’s no such thing as tucking index between text stuff (staff text or system text) and anything else. But this would probably be very useful in the long run… Let’s make this a feature request!

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You may find that you get better spacing out of the box if you turn off Avoids Collisions (or switch on and then untick) for the text object. Yes, it’ll superimpose the text object on the tempo marking and yes, you’ll need to laboriously shift it up manually in each of your layouts separately (this is an irritation not found in either of the other big two commercial programs with regard to system text) but at least both the rit and the following tempo mark will be in the right spot.


I agree with Marc here! More generally, it would be great if one could set the stacking order for elements (and not just necessarily text), because I’ve run into problems like that too.

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Hi, pianoleo.

Thanks - I already evaluated this workaround by myself.
Just wanted to make sure I had not overseen something obvious before getting into all these manual adjustments :wink: