Text with border causes collisions

I’m delighted with Dorico Pro 2. Wonderful new features, very well thought out as usual. However, I notice that when I use the property panel to add a border to text, the text causes collisions, especially with chord symbols.

That’s interesting, Duncan: I don’t find that to be the case. Could you attach a simple example, or at least a picture, so we can see what might be going on?

Try going to the Text page of Engraving Options and setting ‘Minimum distance from protruding items’ to something bigger than 0: in a new project it’s set to 1/2 space but it’s defaulted to 0 in projects that started life earlier than Dorico 2.0 to avoid unwittingly changing their appearance.

Hi Daniel, bumping this item as it still seems to be an issue.

Your solution to this works (bump up the minimum distance), but it would be nice if the text box was incorporated into the size so that it avoids collisions. I ran into this same problem when text is aligned with the system start (it collides with measure numbers). Increasing the minimum distance works, but it seems like the box should just be accounted for automatically. Obviously not a high priority item, but something. I’m using 3.5.

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