hello to the whole community, and i hope everyone is doing well.
I try to reproduce the same text as on the attached examples. But I cannot place them before the staff, they are always anchored in relation to the first beat, and move as I write. I do not know if it is very understandable (google trad). If anyone knows the solution? thank you and take care

Usually item placement is done in Engrave mode. There you should be able to freely position things to your desire.

yes that’s what i do, but then when i go back to write mode, the item moves or disappears

I don’t know why the text would move or disappear when you return to Write mode. Can you attach a simple example project we could take a look at?

Charly, Write Mode will not reflect the corrections of positioning you made in Engrave Mode.

Write mode will not show the corrections in Galley View, but it will show them in Page View.

thanks for your answers, when I place an element like these, I select a note on the first beat of my first measure, option X, and I write my item which will be placed above and then I move it to the side of the staff. the item is therefore attached to my first note and maybe that is the problem, if I then modify notes, it moves. Is there another technique not to be linked to note but rather to stave?

The text isn’t attached to a note; only to the rhythmic position on that staff. The only way of having text that is attached to the page rather than to a rhythmic position on a staff is to put it into a text frame, which may or may not be an appropriate approach for you.