Texte style unwanted

For the texte styles (Title, Lyrics…) when I chose “Normal” style of the Arno Pro font, Dorico use the “Caption” style.
How can I avoid it ?
Modèle livret de chants.dorico.zip (611 KB)
Thank you by forehand.

Unfortunately I think this is a bug in the underlying Qt framework. Arno Pro Regular and Arno Pro Caption both define their Weight, which is a number (normally between 100 and 900, or I guess perhaps 1000, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen a font that goes above 950), at 400, and Qt looks for regular-weight fonts by looking for fonts with a weight of 400, rather than explicitly looking for one with a named style of “Regular”.

If you don’t need to use the Caption style, you could remove it from your system or user fonts folder so it’s no longer installed, and Dorico will then use the Regular weight in preference to the Caption weight.

I’ts not good news for me. I use often the different styles in InDesign. I cannot miss them.
I’ll see if I can install the Arno Pro in the local inDesign’s fonts folder ; than I can try to remove the Caption Style from the system…

Yes, I’ve found a solution : deactivate the “Caption” style in Font Book, and instal the Arno Pro in the InDesign fonts folder.

For info : the Font Style “Display” of the Arno Pro must be also deactivate otherwise it was used instead of “Regular”.

Same problem with all the Fonts who have many Font Styles : Warnock, Garamond Premier,…

Yes, it will happen for any font family that provides multiple styles with the same weight, I’m afraid.