Texts and modifications only in parts

Hi fellows,

i very often need additional texts in my parts that are only needed for the player (e.g. complex divisi layouts that differ from the full score) and should not reflect in the full score layout.
It’s horrifying complicated to have texts and other musical items show in parts only (custom scale them to 1%, opacity blabla… for the full score)

Or do i overlook some brilliant new feature?

BTW: I really hate the divisi feature and it’s restrictiveness, it costs me hours of messing around with all knows tricks and workarounds to have a smooth, well labelled layout for my string sections with nice page turns :imp:

And just when you think, that everything you do in Engrave Mode of a layout would not affect the other layouts and you just feel save, TRY MODIFYING THE TEMPO INDICATIONS !!!

There is at present no specific feature to hide text items in one layout but not in another beyond the workarounds you are already aware of.

I’d be interested to hear more from you about the problems you’re experiencing with divisi.