TGuitar/MGuitar vs Ample Sound Guitar Martin

I just played around with a beginner Cubase 10.5 project using Ample Sound Guitar Martin Light (AGML). I like how it lets me rewrite the chords if I want to. Unfortunately, the free light version is missing some samples for obscure string/fret combos, so I can’t make as many changes as I want.

One thing that really annoys me about AGML is that it seems to force me to run Cubase 10.5 in Administrator Mode. Does anyone know if the paid version of Ample Sound Guitar Martin (AGM) has this same stupid issue?

Also, for Bossa Nova style, AGML will let me completely stay off the 1 and 6 strings when playing chords. While, I think saw that Acoustic Samples TGuitar and MGuitar both have a String Amount setting that will maybe allow me to only play four strings at a time, I don’t think TGuitar/MGuitar will allow me total chord control like AGM will without me having to go into “manual” mode and play each note individually which would be a royal pain (I’ve actually done this before)…