TGuitar, MGuitar vs UVI versions from Acoustic Samples

I’m asking because I already own the UVI versions of Acoustic Samples guitars.

Are there significant differences, especially improvements of the HALion-based versions compared to the original UVI versions?
Were other samples used?
Do the scripts differ in how they work?

In other words: Would it be worthwhile to buy TGuitar and / or MGuitar as well?
There won’t be any crossgrade offers, will there?

I have all the UVI ones and bought tguitar as well.
There is one thing that I really miss in Tguitar and that is the mod wheel vibrato. The operation is very similar, the overall sound I like more on tguitar. But the script is not as robust as it is in the UVI Workstation.
But all in all I would recommend it. The sound is really great.
Another thing I like better on Tguitar is that you can use the sustain pedal.
Have you listened to my Peaceful Horizon I posted here?
I am also on the fence with mguitar.
When that one goes on sale and I still can put it on my elicenser then I will buy that as well.

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Many thx, @folkfreak
Do I understand correctly that TGuitar and MGuitar use different samples than the UVI versions and are not just refurbished versions of the UVI guitars for the HALion engine?

Mguitar IS on sale: here.
I’m intereted in purchasing Tguitar or Mguitar. Based on demos, I like Tguitar’s sound a lot. On the other hand, and also based on demos, I’m quite confused about Mguitar: all the demos I listened to have that piezo sound that I don’t like at all. I see on the manual that you can blend close/overhead/DI microphones, but why they chose to play all the demos using that piezo sound? I wonder how the Mguitar sound is when the piezo microphone is zeroed.

Completely different samples, at least to my ears. It’s also a different guitar brand. I think T stands for Taylor.

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With sale I meant at a reduced price. Your link shows the regular 129 here in Germany

The patterns are completely different on the tguitar as well compared to the UVIs

I’ll bring this thread up again because I want to know if TGuitar and / or MGuitar correctly recognize chords with bass notes.
The UVI version (GD-6) has a problem there.

For example, if I play the simple chord D / E (D major with E in the bass), the GD-6 recognizes the chord E7sus2sus4.
That wouldn’t be a big problem if there wasn’t a wrong note, namely the B open string. A D-Note on this string would be correct, see picture, green point.

So I would be interested in how TGuitar recognizes this simple chord: E1 / A2 / D2 / F # 2