Thank you 0.6

I would just like to say thank you for give us back a one click insert it’s so much better :smiley:


Its really great !

I’m loving the sharp lines and striking use of colors on this version, a true work of art :slight_smile:

The new “hover” implementation for the power and destination buttons also make the sends behavior much improved as well! Getting those controls out of the way means fewer accidental level changes.

Also noting the hover control for the channel strip color choice too.

Very cool update. May get to finally start a project in v7! :smiley:

My only (very minor) niggle is that the surround indicator doesn’t get it’s own icon. (it uses the numbers “5.1” alongside the channel numbers) No biggie but I’m surprised they didn’t bring back the old surround icon from v6 (or something similar) rather than “mix metaphors” here (mixing icons AND text for channel type indicator)

Again, much improved all around, though.