Thank you for assisting me with the harp!


One of the most intimidating tasks, for me, has always been writing for harp. Very simply put: how to know when you are writing notes that can be played with the current tuning, or can be quickly retuned?

Dorico is not only a writing partner, but also a composition partner. Now I can write for harp with no fear of wrongdoing. And since harp players are always to be treated well, this is something great!

Thank you for this!


I’d suggest you consider purchasing this book:

Bruce, thank you for the hint! Apart for the orchestration manuals, I miss some more information about this instrument (having transported it sometimes, I must know it better!)

Dorico will remain invaluable in helping to track pedaling.


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It’s really true. I keep learning new musical niceties from using Dorico.

Spitfire just came out with a good video of the BBC harpist talking about how to score for the instrument

At Home with the BBC Symphony Orchestra: Harp

Very nice and informative! Thank you!