Thank you for better looking scores in C7

I’d like to thank the developers for a better score look in C7.
In the past sloped note beams used to look like a series of stairs rather than a continuous line (some score editor pictures in Cubase manual still bear the tracks of this). Not any more. Beams look fine now. Something else must have also been done to the font as it looks sharper than before. It has generally become clearer and easier to read, especially with the addition of the new score background types.
I’m very pleased. Thank you.

Wonder if the newly hired Sebelius team
had a lil something to do with the improvements?


Nice news!

Any functional improvements?


There also seems to be a new button in the Layers toolbar called “Colorize Layers”. It displays score objects in different colors depending on which layer they belong to. Don’t think it was present in Cubase before.

As I don’t have C7, but use the Score Editor extensively, I would really appreciate it if any of you could possibly post a pic of the new look score with those slanting beams…and maybe with a new background. I find the stark white background a bit fatiguing on the eyes after an extended period. I hope they have a good range of new backgrounds…parchment would be nice.

el-russo, have you printed yet? How bad is the following that was mentioned in the Known Issues thread?

Score printing
On OS X systems the printout from scores show unwanted horizontal and vertical lines. There is currently no workaround but Steinberg is working on a solution.

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Thanks for early adopting!


:slight_smile: looks better

No such problem here on Windows.

D’oh. You’re on Windows. Says so r ight in your Sig. :bulb: