Thank you for the new font in the "cycle"

Ive always found it hard when zooming in with the cycle on to see the Bar/time line divisions but I must say the bold black font is much much better , you can actually see where your tracking now :laughing: :smiley:

Not a biggy but thank you :wink:

Yes, thank you Steinberg!

It’s a minor improvement, but an improvement indeed. There are many more of those hiding under the preference menu and the Track Settings window as well as the Mix Console. I really like these graphic changes that have made Cubase look more pro. Very much appreciated :wink:

Its a very welcome improvement, that I for one had complained about in earlier versions… MUCH better now…!

Thank you for listening Steinberg. :wink:

PS:- please do something about that playhead/cursor look/behaviour though, soon and pretty please…? - it is better for me at 16bit colour (screen settings), but there is still very obvious scanline ‘shearing’ effect of that Cursor as it plays across the screen; not nice. You need to be zoomed in a bit to see this.

Yes, those damn white outlines need to go at once!!

Please :slight_smile:

Luckily I don’t get the cursor flicker but I hate the white outlines and agree they they should be axed.

the cursor flicker is a pain in the arse but as you have asked in your threads , could you keep this thread on topic instead of turning it into another moaning thread .