THANK YOU STEINBERG!! Cubase 7 and Cubase 7.5 are amazing!!!

THANK YOU STEINBERG!! Cubase 7 and Cubase 7.5 are amazing!!!
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Overall, I must say Cubase 7 has been one of the best DAWs I have ever worked with thru all the years. And now, the new Cubase 7.5 hasn’t exactly made it any worse. :wink: :smiley:

Extremely stable DAW on PC Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. Never ever crashed once!!!
I has never been so amazed over a DAW… ever. Cubase comes with so many great functions too!

I love the new scalable MIXER-view and new Control-room, new Track EQ with analyzer, just the “Meter section” alone cost more then Cubase 7. Meters like K-14, K-12, K-20, EBU-scale, DIN-scale etc.
Add of own ICONS add of own color customization is a wanted feature for years from many users and especially from me. “Dark arrange background”. :wink:

And the new hide channels visibility tabs in both track view and mixer view, nested maps, setup Mixer and arrangement configuration, latency compensation with external hardware is one of the great feature that actually work too and that I use daily in the studio. Some DAWs have it too but trust me, its not working properly as like in Cubase. After 2 or 3 of inserted hardware’s you get latency problems. I have 4-6 hardware’s in the loop all the time like hardware effects, hardware compressors and hardware synths etc. integrated in Cubase 7 and there are no extra latency problems and non stability issues. Cubase 7 take care of external hardware’s perfectly, its just sweet! :slight_smile:

The new instrument track in C7.5 is a right new direction and it work with multi VSTI’s too even though you can take it even further and evolve the functionality. Be able to save and use “Quick controls” is one functions I use a lot. Cubase vast support of integrated with hardware controllers like CMC-controllers, AVID Artist series, Yamaha 02R96V2, SSL, NEVE etc. are great and a essential feature that work with Cubase 7 and Nuendo.

The new VST Connect are a another great feature that I use almost daily. I can go on…and on… what can I say more then…WOW! :smiley: :wink:

Cubase 7.5 are a amazing product! :slight_smile:

I have vast long experience thru the years with DAWs etc… since the late 80ths. I have worked even with hardware sequencers “back and in the days” and with Cubase on Atari. I have also worked with Pro Tools HD, Logic PRO, SONAR X-series, Digital Performance and Samplitude. I can tell you, I have never been working with a more stable DAW then Cubase 7 x64 and Cubase 7.5 x64.

Thank you Steinberg and all the team and programmers that are behind this Premium product. Cubase 7.5 is the “real deal” and a Premium quality - “World class” product!!!

Merry Christmas to you all! :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Wow…you almost would think they give out their products for free…


And when the new score/notation features come on-line (C8 maybe)…Wow!

What’s the point of such a thread ? :open_mouth:

Isn’t this one enough : ? :confused:

So, Freddie, as the only way to see it is that you want to start a debate in a more or less provocative way, I’m going to please you by answering with my point of view. But, as I don’t want to loose too much of my time on it, I’m going to post here large excerpts of other posts of mine, made here and there.

I was considering an eventual update from 7.0.6 (while carefully keeping 5.1 and 6.5 installed…), this, despite all the UI regressions (yes, I’m probably one track minded ans still hate the new white masked timeline cursor and the C7 color schemes, among others…), as the first comments about 7.5 was ‘fantastic’, ‘amazing’, ‘wonderful’, etc, etc…

The main things that were interesting me are the track versions, the track visibility and the new algo reverb. I don’t really care about the others, honestly…

But since 7.5 release, I have seen here :

  • Again, a drastic increase of project loading times (and I thought that it couldn’t get worse…),
  • Projects .cpr file size of some users here growing from 600 kb (with 7.0.6) to… 4.5 Mb ! :open_mouth: ,
  • Content download and installation issues,
  • Anormal spikes here and there with still as much resources used as before if not worse for some,
  • And another feature removal without warning : no more grid when using freewarp.

And beside this (among several others…) :

  • Still the dreaded and unavoidable white masked timeline cursor which, as I’m more than 50 years old, appears as two vertical lines without glasses, no matter the width set for it. A workflow killer by itself…

  • No UI regressions fixes : still no replacements for the preferences settings that were in both ‘Appearance/General’ and ‘Appearance/Work area’ pages (the latter has just disappeared from 6.5 to 7), especially the ones involving the grid, the buttons and work area brightness. This with others UI quirks such as the behavior of the R/W buttons of the FX/Group tracks when narrowing them.
    And, last but not least, the brand new preferences color scheme, which is anything but practical : you can’t even copy a color from an item to another and there is not even a way (AFAIK) to do a savable basic palette of colors in it, this to avoid the more or less erratical clicking, trying to pick up the right color tone needed. But there’s so much to say about all the UI regressions…

  • No fixes for Generic Remote definitions in order to clearly support both :

  • soft takeover. It works, but only if you accept to edit manually the generic remote definition xml file. In other words, this feature is unavailable, using the UI of the ‘Device setup’ window and not documented…
  • NRPN support : this one is completely broken and I had to find a clumsy workaround using different MIDI channel number for each control to be able to use my MPD32 endless knobs. I sent a support ticket to Steiny about this more than one month ago, and still waiting for any feedback…
    This without talking about the still channel dependent layout, which means that you better think of it twice, before trying to add or remove a channel/track if plug-ins are involved in the currently active GR definition…
  • No fixes concerning the key commands behavior issues with the MixConsole focus,

  • No improvement of the RCE (absolutely useless with generic remote handling ; this thingy was naively one of the main reasons to purchase C7, one year back…),

  • No improvement of the ASIO guard,

  • Still the same click fest in the MixConsole,

  • Trackpresets are still unusable with multiouts VSTis.

So, basically, more or less useful features added again, leaving more and more things half-baked, this with unwanted regressions and changes. Seems like Steiny is engaged in a headlong rush and I’m increasingly fearing what the future will bring. It explains why I will NOT upgrade to 7.5, as I don’t want to support Steiny in the wrong track they are engaged in.

Been trapped one time with C7 and will not make the same mistake again : I’ll keep on using 5.1 and 6.5 for as long as possible…

Hope you’re happy with this, Freddie. Good christmas to you ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it when you constantly derail a Steinberg feel good thread , just because your unhappy you expect the world to roll over and play dead for you aahhh ???


Thank you, Merry Christmas to you too! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I don’t see long loading times… long start times…bigger files size like 4.5MB. Loading times is even faster on 7.5 then 7.0.6.
Any how if my project file size were whooping 4.5 MB I still have 1 TB hard disk space so I’m all set so what’s the main problem with that?
And I don’t have problems with Cubase 7 doesn’t close on exit either and I have used Cubase on different computer and different setups etc…

I don’t know it seem to work for a lot of users and some of you has major problems?
I wonder if you all have done XP32 tweaks on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 that cause all this abnormality you all experience on your systems? You must done something wrong? :unamused:
Bad tweaks like example as I noticed some of you on pictures and videos you have share-----> disable AERO, set program scheduler to background task, disable virtual memory… etc… No wonder why you all have problems!

If you want to know I have already made a great thread how to setup your computer correctly to work with DAWs. Make a search!

I’m not saying it is always the case but sometimes from my own experience helping others with computers, it often come down to “s-h-i-t- behind the wheels” causing the problems. There are 1000 of wrong TWEAK sites on the INTERNET that claim they know how to setup the computer and for DAWs when they actually don’t know a s-h-i-t about how the new systems actually works.
Even large companies adds these stupid tweaks making it for the end users even more confusing? Often they recommend XP32 tweaks like “set program scheduler to background task” that worked on XP32 but only on XP32. Many of all this tweaks like disable AERO are just counter-productive on Windows 7 or Windows 8-system.
Example AERO needs to be active so Cubase GUI can use the right API calls from core-base in windows 7 and 8.1 still I see pictures of the internet complaining on that Cubase 7 graphic don’t work - whne they have no “AERO ON” look like the computer were Windows 95? :unamused:
There you got one of your problems why it aint working for you …----> right there! :wink:

But its easier to blame Cubase and other softwares, hardware’s not working correctly then the actual problem is YOU that you actual have f-u-c-k- up you system in the first place. That’s why it aint working! :wink:

Stay away from stupid tweaks that don’t work, if you don’t now what you are doing and don’t fix anything that isn’t broken and you will see that Cubase 7 will work just fine as it attended to do + all other softwares. :wink:

Best Regards

No, it were meant to be positive thread instead of all “positive threads”- going ----> hijack to a “negative” thread all the time… :frowning:

A thread for WE that actual are glad and grateful over the product Cubase 7.5. Can you all please let us be glad that are happy without you “pessimist users” nagging in ever threads here, thank you! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards

It’s a great release other than the 30 or 40 crappy interface bugs that have existed since the 7.0 release a year ago.

Oh and for the record, I have not turned AERO off… The only tweak that I did for Windows 8 is customize indexing so that I know exactly which folders will trigger indexing … so that it won’t interrupt editing/recording

:stuck_out_tongue: Really annoying…! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: …not :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! :wink:

Yeah well my experience tells me that it’s sometimes behind the keyboard.

Surely a “thanks Steinberg I’m loving it” would have sufficed. Given that you have seen a number of users who are experiencing difficulties a little bit of tact might have worked better. I personally have had good experiences with Cubase, but I can accept that others through no obvious fault of their own have not.

I like Freddie, and I’m glad he’s joined us from over in the Cakewalk forum. He’s definitely made an upgrade from Sonar. :slight_smile: We need someone here in this forum who uses different fonts and all the emoticons – someone who is always jumping up and down like a happy teenager. Seriously. I mean it. This forum can get a bit glum sometimes, since most happy Cubase users are actually off making music, not hanging around here too often… and people like Freddie spice things up and bring some extra cheer.

Glad you’re here, Freddie! Hope you enjoy Cubase as much as I have! (Well, judging by your forum posts, I’d say you already have!)

And yes, I agree with the sentiment of your OP. Cubase is amazing!

Thanks! :smiley:

Best Regards

Short answer: The point is that they’re happy with the application the way it is. Other users demand more from Cubase. However, since 7, it seems to be regressing in many more ways than it is evolving.

I urge you to voice your opinion in this thread: that I created, so that users who demand more from this application can have their voice heard.

P.S. I quoted you original post in the other thread because I thought it was very concise and informative.


Sorry, Freddie, I just think that with you as with several other inconditional Steiny lovers, there are no longer any dialog possible :

  • I’m talking about missing features in RCE, trackpresets, etc. : you talk about ‘Closing on exit’ which was never one of my point…
  • I’m talking about UI regressions and white masked cursor : you talk about ‘Aero’…
  • I’m talking about Genric Remote features and layout quirks : you talk about ‘XP32’ tweaks…
  • I’m talking about features removed : you talk about… nothing. It’s not even considered.

Few things, though :

  • Strangely, with Cubase 5.1 and 6.5, I have an optimal system which is working surprisingly well, considering that I have systematically three VSTBridged plug-ins in almost all my projects. And, most of all, both have a clean and working UI with several features that are missing in C7, this with much less resources usage and a great responsiveness. Isn’t it strange, and how do you explain that ?

  • A last one : I sent three months ago at Fabio Bartolini (guess you know who he is…) a complete .nfo file of my system (in the same way, I guess that a Windows ‘specialist’ like you knows what this also is…). Guess what ? He admitted in return by PM, after being, as you, suspicious about my DAW, that my system had nothing that could be really problematic. This was initially about an exchange concerning the dreaded 7.0.5 bug which was crashing Cubase when hitting ‘F3’ to close the MixConsole. Remember this one ?

I’ll stop here. End of this useless exchange… :unamused:

And back on topic after another derail


This is a god send

They do integrate very well but there is a little latency but nothing that can’t be dealt with .

I completely agree :wink:


As a DAW professional, i can attest that Cubase is the very best in computer-based audio software, not to mention the most innovative program available. While there are various other applications that can do the job; most will fall short in critical areas, namely MIDI and audio processing. Sure there bugs but a true professional will present their critique in a positive way because they rely on it for their living or because they make great music.

Lets face it Cubase has to be more than an alternative to Pro Tools.
For me the fact that is more than just a studio recording software is it’s strength. I am a guitarist but love playing about with sounds and going places I have never been before. Steinberg has always been a DAW that encourages us to think outside the box. (I have been using Loopmash to re-sample my playing.) I guess that is why there are so many bugs, because they want to be so many things to so many users. I for one love that. I certainly am glad that I am am not stuck in a studio with bands rehashing all the old clichés - I would rather rehash my own and perhaps add a few unexpected things on the way.

I am not knocking those of you who run studios. Far from it, I think you do wonderful stuff and provide a really valuable service. Not to mention living a financially precarious life. However I baulk at the use that many people make of the word professional, as if it is a passport to some higher plane of knowledge and creativity. What is a DAW professional? I mean anyone can claim whatever they like on a forum and nobody would be any the wiser. After all did I not just claim to be guitarist.

The value of Cubase to me is not it’s perfection, because it quite plainly isn’t. It is its versatility and the possibilities that it offers its users. I may not be the best musician, but I have the best fun. Sure I get cross with Steinberg at times and irritated with Cubase. I am sure we could say the same about our partners, as they could about us. However, we still love them in spite of all that. That is the value of a long term relationship.