Thank you Steinberg.


Thank you for all these Cubase 10 improvements. Vari Audio 3 its a best !!!

Yeap! Thanx! But its not working! Most unstable Cubase for all time i think!

Wow. Well on my setup its working without problems for now. Hope you too.

Not for my setup and really glad for u, that its working good.

Working great here so far.
Love this update!

you’ve got a winner this time around as far as I’m concerned, everything is working so much better, very surprising to me considering the first release,
I’m really happy with this upgrade…

A nice release for sure. Thank you Steinberg! :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Yes thank you Steinberg team this is a great upgrade and I really appreciate all
the hard work you did.

I like this update) So thank you SB =)

Yes, it’s a great release and I like it. Thank You Steinberg !
I completely deleted my old version 9.x before installing Cubase 10. My “old” projects could be loaded immediately. No problems. All my plugins, especially those from Native Instruments, have been recognized and I can work as usual.
I am now looking forward to the new functions.