Thank you Team ! (plus a few small wishes)

I know I payed for Dorico but it’s like my birthday now:
Dorico works smoothly, chord symbols, pedal lines etc etc! I love it even more already. Thanks for update 1.1

I work with two monitors (one 32"). Is it (in the future) possible that the position and size of windows reopen were they were after closing Dorico. And how about fingering numbers (piano)?

Again thanks.

my windows always have, and still do, remember their last saved positions… perhaps it’s different on Mac (?) :wink:

Yes, I have a Mac.
I’ll try this tomorrow on Windows…

It is certainly intended that your windows should remember their positions when you reopen a project, but things can get confused if you switch between single and multi-display setups.

Fingering is definitely a high priority and I hope we’ll be able to do some work on this in the same update that we are targeting for percussion and cues, but I can’t guarantee it at this stage, I’m afraid.

I too would love to see this feature. My temporary workaround has been to create a dedicated paragraph style for my fingering numbers and shift-X it wherever they are necessary. At least if you apply a paragraph style you know you have consistency.

Good idea, thanks!

You’re right, on windows 10 the positions stay put, not on my iMac though…

Great news about fingering, thanks!