Thanking is also a good thing

Hi all.

I know that being lame is most of the times easiest than thankfull when things go right.

Some time ago, (due to the pandemia) i decided to stay home instead going everyday to the studio, and for that i made a home setup, with a SSL2 interface, Nuendo11, Wavelab Pro10, invested in plugins from various manufacturers and brought a CMC-TP controller from the studio to work with this setup at home.

Late October the CMC started to give some erros, some pads did not work correctly and after some try outs from my side, i decided to create a support ticket in Steinberg. After a few days (a week or so) i got an answer from a Senior Technical Support guy, named Jan Riesener, asking on what was the problem, giving some advice, etc. For some days we kept talking, while i was trying out his advises, and he was telling me some new things to try.

In the beggining of january it was found that it was a hardware problem, so (despite the CMC was bought more than 6 years ago) he told me that Steinberg was going to send me a new unit.

And so they did!

It arrived today, i’ve try it out, it’s working perfect, so this is a public thanks to this kind person, showing that a compoany is not only the things they have, but most and foremost the persons that work there. This is how Consummer Help shoud be always.

All the best to him and also thanks to Steinberg for having such a great guy working there

Cheers to all, and keep safe :slight_smile:


thanks for sharing that @agilkds :+1:

There’s always a lot of (unnecessary!) Steinberg bashing on here…and I’ve participated in that - but the truth is that they are a lot of GREAT women and men working there.

Lovely to have some good news for a change.

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I’m not surprised! Thanks for sharing that.

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It’s nice to know they have stock to be able to replace such things if need be :wink:
Great news

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I know :smiley:

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I was excited because I thought it said, “Thinking is a good thing” I was like, So I was right all along! But then I re-read it. It’s still good, though.

I better get my order in before … :rofl: :+1:

you might laugh but I’m thinking of getting a houston !

bet they SB haven’t got any service replacements for them at HQ…although you never know…

You could always try ,25 years might be their cut off point , it’s only been 11 years for the CmC’s so why not

CMC are mere youngsters in the Steinberg family tree. …BTW how is that zip drive conversion factory coming along ?

Well , all my old Cd ALL files perfectly saved a CPR files , im just waiting for my PCMCIA card for the old Tablet to be able to link the Scsi zip drive and we are away but very please to have retrieved some pre 2006 tracks . The zip ones potentially go back to about 92/93 i think up to 2006 so plenty to do once connected .
Cheers for asking

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Probably going to be a lot of work sorting out what midi track triggers what sound…etc

I don’t what happened to all my old Atari disks - but for sure the 1/2 tapes are long gone…the world is going to have to wait for my ‘remasters’ series…

nostalgia is not what it was :smiley:

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Akai s2000 samples which i still have i think and the SX stuff i still have a box of notes somewhere saying what does what so not too bad , the main thing was the conversion .
Bad news about your tapes , lost everything that was done on DCC . every tape demagnetized

sorry @agilkds I’ve totally derailed your topic with chit-chat - but just shows what a few positive vibes can create

@FilterFreq - sounds like you were much more organised than me - I’ve still got most of my s950 disks I think ? but re: my tapes…they are best lost I think :slight_smile:


Yes sorry @agilkds . I can’t believe Steinberg’s been hiding stock from 10 years ago :rofl: