Thanks for Generic Plugin editors Steinberg!

I don’t recall being able to switch the plugin GUI to a generic editor in previous versions of Cubase, but I am loving how this can be done in Cubase 6. Logic has something similar and it really helps to get deep into editing plugins which you may require exact values which aren’t present on the fancy plugin GUI. Being able to set parameters to decimal places instead of guessing is a huge bonus in my book. Takes up a lot less screen real estate too. Good job Steinberg and thanks, I love these little things you guys included in Cubase 6.

I dig it as well. I just wish you could dock it in the inspector or replace the quick controls with it once you switch to that view.

I too am extremely thrilled about this! The one thing I haven’t been successful with is typing in a numerical value (including decimal points) and hitting enter to get the value to stay. I haven’t used it a ton, but the one plugin I’m using it on does not accept the values I’m typing in. FYI, the plugin is a freeware plugin called BDX; it’s a bass drum synthesizer (located for download here:

Somebody give it a try and see if your values stick. Plus, it’s a fantastic plugin to boot.

+1. Despite my praises in the first thread, this is also a problem for me. I use the UAD plugins and the same behaviour happens. Perhaps it is isn’t just you and this is a limited (bug??) of the generic editor? Perhaps Steinberg can take a look into why manually entered values, including those with decimals will not work? It could be remedied if we are lucky, afterall, getting price and accurate values from within the generic editor cannot be obtained most times in the fancy GUI of the plugin so I feel the ability to manually enter values, including those with decimals and get them to actually stick is a huge necessity.