Thanks for : "Select Track on Background Click"


Thank You to Steinberg for adding this great workflow feature in version 7.0.5

Improved track selection
A new preference in the editing section named “Select Track on Background Click” has been added. It allows to select a track by clicking in the Project window workspace area.

This feature has speeded up my workflow quite a bit, less fiddling around with the mouse to select a track.
Speedier workflow now :slight_smile:


Nice just noticed this :sunglasses:

Hi people,

Just seen this and checked the box in prefs, but I cant find out anything about this in the manual, so could you tell me how it works?

Thanks in advance,

Jim B

Pretty self-explanatory, selects a track without having to have an event on said. :confused:

Works although there seems to be a slight lag when clicking on space… :nerd: