Thanks Steinberg! :o)

My first post here, sadly amidst a surprising amount of negativity for such a cool app.
I just want to leave a simple thank you to the nerdy boffins (no offense intended) that come up with this stuff. To be able to do so much with so little equipment and for relatively small amounts of cash is a job well done!
I’m able to be creative again! The only thing stopping me now is time.
And to the misery guts - come on guys, I know there are limitations here, but let’s focus on what we CAN do, instead of what we can’t.

Hi Dixey15,

thanks a lot from the team for your kind words!! Of course we welcome ALL feedback from our users, also the not so kind sometimes. And we take it all very serious and try our best.

But I just leaned back for a short moment and enjoyed! :wink:


sadly amidst a surprising amount of negativity for such a cool app

I couldn’t agree more. iOS and Cubasis has enabled me to start making music again where I had previously had to stop because of the increasing cost of decent PC software and music hardware. In the app world you get functionality for less than £50 that would cost you £500 in the PC world.

I get frustrated when I post a genuine question or issue with the intention of helping the guy’s improve on an already incredible app, that some people jump on it as a chance to have a moan, :imp:

Technical Forums by their nature ARE places of negativity, it is where people go to ask questions, report issues or make complaints. When people are happy with what they have they are too busy making music :smiley: so the praise very seldom gets made where it is due.

Let’s ALL say thank you to the team and make this the most posted into topic on the forum !! :smiley:

Whenever I need to test an app or a new audio interface in my studio I always choose Cubasis because it’s stable and easy to set-up. Cubasis is a great way to get introduced to tablet audio recording and Cubasis will satisfy most users who need to work on a song when they are away from their studio. I personally use as many apps as I need to get my projects done as I only use my iPad for music production these days and Cubasis is in my top 3 list of my most used audio apps. I really appreciate your efforts to keep Cubasis growing while still keeping it within the limits of the iPad.
Cheers and thanks from me too._/)~*

Thanks for your praise!