Thanks to Snowden we did a new song (with cubase of course)

Thanks to Edward Snowden we know that the secret agencies around the world know more about us than we expected. Maybe they knew about that song before I did. :wink:
Well, I don’t think that is is a very good joke… Privacy is a real important topic. So a friend friend and me collected some ideas and did a song on this. Maybe it can help to keep the focus on that topic a little longer.
Find it at http:/

Listening to your song now. Of course its very hard to separate the music production from the idea behind the song. I will try my best by just saying I think the production and mix are very good.

Thanks for the positive comment on the production.
Do I understand it right, that you don’t want to do any comments on the idea?

Great production and performance and spot on with the lyrics and “idea” couldn’t have said it better myself

tried putting the url up and got nowhere…Kevin

Works fine here

Good production and very good singing, like your phrasing and you have a good vox sound, well done…

thanks to cmafia for putting the link up

Sorry folks,
I don’t get any emails when someone is posting here. I have to change that.
But - more important - thanks for the positive comments on the song. I want to be honest about the production: The mix and the mastering was done by a friend of mine… see his site at He did a wonderful job!
Like a wizard.
But of course: no mix without recording and arranging some tracks first.

However, I really was hoping for getting the topic into the heads of our society. Music helps sometimes to remember important things by connecting the brain with the heart
I don’t know if that can can happen. I’m terribly bad at self promotion.
Thanks again for all the encouraging postings

Good topical song. I like topical songs. At least until it’s a few years later and nobody cares anymore :laughing:

Very good vocal – like his voice. Mix is quite good, but part of me wants to suggest that maybe there’s too many things going on –

thanks twilightsong,
good point.
When I listen to all my songs I realize that I tend to “want too much”.
I think I’ll try to change that next time. I’m curious if I can :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be to keep all the elements you have, but don’t use them all at the same time – scatter them throughout the song. This will keep the song interesting as people listen to it :sunglasses:

somehow I tried that. But I guess no one can hear it :slight_smile:
However… it will take take some months till I’ll publish new tracks. So, thank you very much for your suggestions.
I really appreciate it.

you sure thjey are gonna allow you to release this! serious note good track. didnt turn off mid track so interest is there for me . production could be tighter and more snappy imo. think it needs what i call “togetherness” where each finds its own space…in the same space.

Hi tex, thanks for your positive comment. If you like to share the track I’d really appreciate that! I consider the track “released” already, cause I do this in my spare time and - being not a professional - I have to accept my boundaries… :wink:
But I’m most happy about people telling that the song is good. That is what matters most to me. Arrangement is a different story. I’m learning from track to track…
Thanks again