that moment when you press letter G on the keyboard

and you wonder why chrome is not zooming in :blush:

Aloha m,

Ma bad I don’t know this but what app/plug/vst/etc is ‘chrome’?

chrome is not zooming in

Is it something graphic in nature?

TIA (thanks in advance)

Chrome is googles web browser . Switching from cubase after few hours of work to chrome i still trying to zoom with G and H . Happens me a lot of times :wink:

Ah! Got it!


Or when you press the space bar to start playing a song in the Windows Media Player…

Or when you press the Enter key and can’t understand why your wife just doesn’t shut up!!!

No no, its the Escape key you need for that :confused: :unamused:

Oh - that the one???

Ya, if I remember correctly, you don’t have that affliction :laughing:

I had a dream where my blankets had volume automation lines built in.
The volume controlled the warmth of course.

I took a week off after that.

You can script it using ASCII key 27

time for deep therapy case :mrgreen:

I have done this too many times! :smiley:

Yep! Guilty! :smiley:

sometimes i have this issue with my girl freind … i cand avoid wondering about her Q settings !