"That's it"

16 year ago, I made this song for my girl. Now, for Xmas, I decide to record it again.

Some details for the recording session:
Recorded, edited, mixed in Cubase 9.0.1
Lead vocals: Ribera R47 → BAE 1073
Backing vocals: Golden Age R1 MkIII → Millennia HV-3C
Rhythmic vocals/fingers: AKG C 3000B+Shure SM 57 → …? (I can’t remember, they are the 16 years old tracks! :question: )
Stereo Piano (Hermann upright piano): Ribera R47+ADK TC (mod U67-like) → Millennia HV-3C
Converters/audio interface: TC Electronic StudioKonnekt 48

Here the song: SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
SoundCloud hurts my ears, cuts the bass and makes harsh in everything but… no alternative, for now.

Thanks for your feedbacks, guys! :slight_smile: Let me know!


Very nice, Mr. Lord, I love your singing, and this is a beautiful arrangement. Short, but I hope you get her back!

Thank you Early21! And merry Christmas. :slight_smile: