The 480L Reverb "trick" - balanced or combined panners ?

When using like the UAD480L vst on seperate pans, how do you do this in Cubase.

Do you do anything with the panning on the fx/aux channels where the 480L inserts go? Stereo combined panner or balanced panner on the aux/fx channels? Thanks.

How many “Balanced or combined panner” threads do you need…?
Start learning what each one does, the use it to do what you want it to do… :unamused:

I was asking specifically in relation to the 480L reverb “trick”. If you send the signal from a track panned hard left, for example, on the fx track, you still get output from the reverb on the right channel. I only want the left.

In Pro Tools, you hard pan both panners left/left and right/right respectively for the two fx tracks.

I can’t surely want the combined panner, as I only want the left part of the outputted stereo field ???

But with the balanced panner and the panner full left, I seem to lose a lot of the reverb effect and depth.

At the moment, I used the pan control of a plugin insert to only output the left channel. That produces a much better result and sense of space, but it seems a bit convoluted.

So, yeah, I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or missing something.

What in your opinion is the “The 480L reverb trick”? Yes a stereo reverb will in most cases output on both channels. Is the send panned, or is the track panned? Any useful info on that “magic trick”-setup?

Which two fx tracks?

Obviously - you lose on side of the reverb signal and get a mono signal panned to one side.

out of curisosity

what is the 480L Reverb “trick”?