The ability to change rack FX


I would love to see some form of the rack, but with my own plug ins. Being able to save my rack chain of my desired plugs would be too cool.

Has anyone requested or shown interest?

Which rack?
You can save a plugin chain already…

Channel strip under racks. Its a rack type.

There used to be an effects rack back in the Cubase VST days. It went away with the new FX “channels” in Cubase SX.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the effects rack come back with proper effects RETURNS rather than inserting effects on what are basically groups. I never heard the term “effects track” until Cubase SX.

And even Propellerheads didn’t get this right when they turned Reason into a VST. We have their beautiful rack environment but only one input for the whole rack.

so the VST plug ins are a rack type as well… so already there…

Nomad Factory Magma lets you use their built in fx which are excellent, but also lets you create and save chains of vst plugins. You could have something like 128 vst plugins in a single instance.

Its not already there. You cannot change the strip plugs.

This is cool.

While they are at it, throw a dynamic range meter in.