The ability to keep all files in one folder (per project)...

Can we get an update that will allow the user to save all utilized files to one folder? Kind of like it is in Nuendo 4 or Sonar.

  • I start a new project
  • I go to an option that says “Save project to new folder”
  • Everything that is involved with this new project gets copied/put into this newly named project folder; and all audio recordings from the point of creation of the new folder onward would get saved in the new project folder.

This would be so much easier to keep track of files pertaining to a particular project or song. I love Cubase, but a lack of this feature makes it hard to use it as my primary DAW. I hope that we can see something like this in an 8.5 update soon.

Thanks guys!

“Back up Project” does that, what am I missing ?