The "All Applications" license on USB eLicenser

Hi! Shouldn’t I be able to run Cubase 13 with this license?

I guess not? Since Cubase 12 and onwards don’t use the eLicenser?

Well, isn’t Cubase a Steinberg app? After all, it says “All Applications”, not “All Applications that use the USB eLicenser”. Would’ve been nice to be able to run Cubase 13 with this license…

I don’t know, Alin. Another thing I don’t know for sure is whether downloading and running an application now (with Steinberg licensing, without the dongle) initiates a trial automatically or not. It would be great if it did. I trialed HALion 7 back in April, butI don’t remember if I had to do something (like enter an activation code) to start the trial, or if it started automatically on its own.

(If it does work automatically, it would be a good idea to download C13 overnight to test it tomorrow, but if it doesn’t work that way, I would hate to have you swearing at me for the time wasted. :sweat_smile:)

Asked and answered so I will close this one.,