The annual Cubase Sale has started and we have good news for everyone who has already updated

Seems a little strange here also … I’m happy to be moving towards everything being off dongle, this seems to be contrary to that.

I’ll check that on Monday with our licensing team.

i have cubase 12 pro from day one, and i got all the vouchers mentioned
i installed all plugins and all cool , but from the audio processing ones i love the fireclip from acoustica audio and also they have free plugins there, installed few of them, and they sound to me different from other brand plugins in a good way, cant tell but they sound clear and have a “dimension” in them . i will install all their free plugins to test them .

Why did Amped Elektra’s license get installed on the USB elicenser? I don’t want that!

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Same problem here. Created an account - logged in and…

We need an iLock account in order to get this plugin?

This free plugin offer might seem generous but it’s all way to complicated for me.
I think I’ll have to pass.

Many thanks Romantique_TP.

Yes, you need an ilok account (but no need to use an ilok dongle). It is free.

the story of my life when it comes to buying anything… unlucky Keith I know how you feel.

Yet another account? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t think I’ll bother to be honest. I suspect signing up for these plugins, which appears to be a hassle in itself probably just means I end up on a whole bunch more mailing lists which I will invariably end up having to unsubscribe from. :roll_eyes:

I understand your position, but I can say that ilok never sent me offer e-mails or anything like that (only a few messages about the protection against lost/broke keys). Softube will sent a few offers here and there, but only with your authorization (and their plugins are really good)

This is what good marketing looks like! Well done!

I had exactly the same reaction.
This is just stupid… That a gift that follows Cubase 12 will use the old eLicenser

Thank you Steinberg & partners!!!

Funny thing: the first day my Acustica voucher was for ”Fire the Pan” which I intended to get the next day, it seemed very interesting.
But then the next day the Acustica voucher had changed to ”Fire the Clip” (which is not as interesting to me)! Maybe I will come to like it.

Had a hassle with Arturia but their support fixed it fast on Friday night in two hours. :+1:t2:

Softubes regging was a pain in 5 acts…

I can see a lot of good points here about the Elektra being on the Eliencer , this means even though it’s a Cubase 12 install and promo you can’t use the Gift unless you have a dongle ?? That is a major oversight and not exactly NEW C12 user friendly

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I don’t think any of the HALion expansions, or HALion itself needs the USB dongle. I’m sure you can use the software eLicenser. And obviously something like the Elektra will move across to Steinberg licensing once HALion makes the move.

The Eleckra code asked for the Elicencer which is something new Cubase 12 users don’t have , sure you can activate the licence but you can’t use Elektra without the Dongle

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No dongle needed, it’s a software elicense.

oh I see …Oh look at the bottom of my dongle :grin:

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Nonetheless, it’s an SeL license which can used without the dongle. It appears to default to going on the the dongle if one is available.