The application crashes when creating a CD-Extra with WaveLab Pro 11.

I was told about this forum by Japanese support.
I am using WaveLab Pro 11.
I don’t understand English, so I am using a translation site for Japanese-English. Sorry if there are any inappropriate expressions.

When I line up the songs and set the song spacing and write an audio CD, I check the “CD-Extra” checkbox and once the audio is written, it completes correctly.
After that, I set the data file I want to put in the File menu/Tools/Data CD, check the “Create CD-Extra Session” checkbox when writing the data CD, and when I start writing, the application crashes.

A window to send log information appears, prompting me to restart the application or not. The audio CD seems to be created and the disc mounts.

I am working with audio and data materials on the desktop.
I have tried two different Blu-ray drives, but both cause the application to crash.

Is there a mistake in the workflow? I have looked at the manual and would like to know the correct procedure. Or is there a problem with the software?

System environment
macOS 12.3.1
Currently updated to macOS 12.6.2
WebLab Pro
Initial configuration files are backed up after updating the application.

Your workflow seems correct. This would need to be tested by Steinberg.

However, this seems to be paradoxical in your report:

when I start writing, the application crashes*


The audio CD seems to be created and the disc mounts.

Because if the crash happens at the beginning, how can the disc be created and mounted?

When the application crashes, OSX should propose you to create a crash report. Please do, zip it and upload it here.

But note that CD-Extra is an old standard, very rarely used, and maybe OSX does not support it anymore.

Thanks for the reply.

We are preparing a crash report, please wait a moment.
I would like to tell you the procedure first here, so I will upload a screenshot zip. (812.0 KB)

First, I opened the DDP file in Montage; the DDP file is on my desktop.
In the Burn Audio CD window, proceed to (1), (2), (3), and (4) to burn an audio CD.
When it is burned, the completion window will appear.

Next, from the File menu, proceed to (5) and (6) to prepare the data file. The data file is placed on the desktop.

After preparing the data file with ⑦ ⑧ ⑨.

In the Data CD Burning window, check ⑩⑪ and ⑫, and press OK at ⑬ to start writing, but the application crashes immediately.

After the application crashes, the audio CD area seems to be OK, so it is mounted on the desktop as a CD-DA. However, the data CD area is never mounted.

That is all.

Thanks for the reply.

Crash report is ready. I copied and pasted it into textedit and zipped it.
CRASH (13.4 KB)

Can I see it now?

It’s 23:30 Japan time, so it’s time to sleep. I will reply again after tomorrow. Sorry.

I won’t be able to test this before Sunday or Monday.

Does this mean that macOSX no longer supports both writing and reading?

We have a request to include a booklet.pdf in the CD-Extra.

This is the first time we have chosen WaveLab Pro 11 to create CD-Extra. Previously, we had used the ROXIO Toast 20 Titanium application.
The reason I chose to install WaveLab Pro 11 is because it is an application that can handle DDP. It seems that mastering engineers were not able to create CD-Extras. I received a DDP file and a pdf file and was asked to create a CD-Extra.
WaveLab Pro 11 can also create CD-Extra, so I created a test CD, but it did not turn out well.

I am aware that it is not possible to append to an audio CD disc-at-once, according to the knowledge I have.
I have a feeling that WaveLab Pro 11 burns the CD-DA once in the process of creating the CD-Extra. Wouldn’t this cause an application crash when creating a data CD, since it would not be possible to append to a disc-at-once disc?

It is not possible to append to a disc-at-once disc indeed. If I remember right, a DAO is ‘closed’ at the end of the problem, hence can’t be opened a second time for the extra part.
Now, it’s difficult to know why a crash happens in this scenario.

I have now studied the case and can also reproduce it. But the cause is undefined. I tried both Rosetta and ARM.
I can even reproduce it with WaveLab 10. Therefore I think something has changed in the recent OSX updates, and probably Apple does not care about Data CD support.
I can’t imagine a solution on Mac, hence the only solution is to use a PC if you want to use this old functionality with WaveLab because there is no problem with Windows 11.

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Thank you for verifying this.
If the symptoms are caused by macOS, it must be difficult to fix the software.

If the symptoms are already present from an older version such as WaveLab 10, I would have to say that CD-Extra is an older feature. This may be something that other mastering engineers have noticed and have ordered from me.

In the future, I would like to consider Windows when making CD-Extra.

I was right to post this in this forum.

Note that in the WaveLab future (>= WaveLab 12) the Data CD feature might be removed because it is almost unused today, and it has always been a bit out of scope for WaveLab too.

When dealing with CD-Extra, you need to consider beforehand whether CD-Extra is the best choice. I would suggest other methods.

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It might be useful to know that with your Wavelab 11 Pro license you can also run older Wavelab versions that will still give you the possibility of building functional CD-Extras. Which then would work best on Windows , since that OS is most forgiving and supportive of older hard- and software.

I have a WaveLab Pro 11 license.
I did not know that I could use an older version.

I would like to try CD-Extra creation with ver. 9.5 installed and then updated to ver. 9.5.50.

Thank you for your help in letting me know.