"The application was terminated with an error while executing the following file" opening a session


I’m having an issue opening a particular session. It’s occurring when I try to open the session. Basically, the session is crashing during the process of loading VST’s. I have been able to open the session with two workarounds. The first is to open another working session and leave that open while I open the original session that I’m having the issue with. I can then close the first session and it will continue to work. The other is to select the “Deactivate all third party plugins” option. The session opens but this isn’t helpful as basically everything is deactivated.

The “UfTR4w19” part of the error changes with each failure to open. Meaning, the letters and numbers are changing.

I’m currently working on a new show and have just finished building my first Cubase template (I just moved to Cubase from Logic), so I’m desperately trying to solve this as I’m eating up a lot of valuable time with these strange workarounds. I’ve got a lot of work on at the moment so if anyone could please help me that would be great.

Other sessions are opening as I said above, but I need this session / template to work for this current show. When I "Save As’ to create a new session for the next track I get the same error.

Thanks very much for your help and time :slight_smile