The Art of Mixing - David Gibson [ VIDEO ]

Here is a good video for newbies and experts !

And is a good laugh :smiley:

I still read the book also now and then…

Hope it will help some Cubase & Nuendo users.

Enjoy :ugeek:


entertaining…! lol - that guys friggin kewl… lol - also that dancing chick, the scientist and the guru…
they dont make em like that anymore… lol :wink:

I saw this a while back.

Is the hairdo and mozzie for real ?? I can’t work out if they are a joke ??


Looks like Dennis Eckersley


Dated, but damned good info-wise!

This is how he looks like now !!!

Oh my word !! Massive transformation or what ?? :open_mouth:

That brings back some memories :laughing:

I remember the videos, and I think I have the book somewhere. I used to dream about those colored bubbles :mrgreen:

Great info by the way. And it is equally fun to look at pictures of my self from back then. NOT :laughing:

a proper 80`s dude, his ears look like something you buy from a chemist.

lol… where were these guys hiding when i was just starting out?

-> stumbled on another 80’s gem… :
SECRETS OF ANALOG AND DIGITAL SYNTHESIS | Steve DiFuria | VHS instructional course | 1985

… theres something about vhs… lol

I read David Gibson’s book about a year ago and learned some valuable things from it. I also think he glosses over some basic concepts – equal loudness couture, for example – and he can be a bit flaky in some ways, but I like him and respect him as well. He’s sincere and I think anyone new to mixing might benefit from studying his material, hairstyles notwithstanding. Take care.