The audio doesn't start

opening the file and pressing the usual play button the audio does not start, even if in the last session the same file, 32 bit floating point, worked normally.

Audio Device Driver probably.

Thanks for the reply; yesterday the audio started normally and, in the meantime, I didn’t make any changes of any kind.
Could it be that there is incompatibility with a demo version 11.0 installed on another PC in the house?

Did you restart the computer?
You mention WaveLab 11.0, but the current version is 11.2

yes, I restarted the computer, but nothing changed.
WaveLab 11 is the demo version of the other computer, this computer’s version is 11.2
If I could download a log file I would send it for your review.

Hi … what audio device (DAC) are you using?

Typically, this problem comes from your DAC not refreshing its sample rate to match the sample rate in the session. WaveLab sends this message (ASIO).

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How are you clocking your sound card? Internally or from a word clock?

I use an Asus Vivobook laptop to which I connect AKG headphones. I checked the sample rate and it’s correct, and WaveLab doesn’t send any messages.
It seems that the audio is about to start but is blocked by some obstacle.

Are you using any other applications at the same time, or perhaps have any background applications running that may be using the audio device in some way?


Even check buffert setting in Audio Connections
this can be related to plugins as well…

regards S-EH

You to try an alternate audio device driver. Go to the WaveLab Audio Connection settings.

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I made some attempts and from one of these I discovered that by selecting ‘Realtek ASIO’ instead of ‘Generic Low Latency ADIO Driver’ the audio starts, but is very distorted, even when checking the resampling. The same file played with VLC sounds perfect.

Maybe try ASIO4ALL (

via ‘ASIO4all’ the audio started. Thank you!
Thank you all for your kindness.