the Audio Midi Mac app

qu 1: twice now Cubase has gone wonky on me. The sound is slow and distorted. If I open the Mac app, Audio and Midi, the sample rate is at 44.1 How does this happen. I can easily set it to 48k, and all is right with the world, and its stable for a long while, then a week later, it gets set back to 44.1. Wish I knew how or why this happens.

qu 2: When I open Cubase, my Mac volume gets set to 100%, blows my ears and the speakers. Why does Cubase do this. I wrote an Applescript to get the system volume every 5 seconds…only when Cubase opens, do I get notified the volume has changed.

thanks for any insight.


  1. Try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size. The Sample Rate can change when the Sample Rate of your Audio Device changes. Maybe other application does change it?

  2. This is unfortunately an known issue.