The Bar Is Closed

This is ersatz Country, lyrics courtesy of the great Calvin DeJournett. I’m a bit hesitant due to the fact that Bandcamp’s streaming quality is wanting, but I hope you like it

Streaming quality must be ok because this song sounds excellent…very pro sound, country isn’t my thing but that’s by the by… I can see now why advice from you was always on the money…

best, Kevin

great tune ,i like your voice Doug,very nice solo but just like all guitarists, my self included, the ego says do a fast run before the end lol , don`t take your ears off the pulse especially on complicated runs. lovely mix .

Nice Doug, this is the the first song I’ve heard from you in… well years! :astonished:

Sounds well mixed and generally well produced to me. A couple of little things in the vocal - the word “love” at 0:40 sounds a bit weak and at 1:30 “locked” sounds like “lock” - can’t hear the “ed”.

I thought the string arrangement was a bit safe on what you refer to as the bridge (I think of it more as a chorus). Just my taste I guess but I think the strings could have injected a lot more energy here, short bows, with a more accented approach, rather than the long sweeping notes you have currently. Also, arrangement-wise I think something even more punctuated could also happen on the line "But that’s not why I do what I do ".

Otherwise - jolly good! :sunglasses:

Thanks for listening and commenting, gents

polgara – yeah, I played past the downbeat on my solo, but it’s one of things where I’m too scared to try it again because later takes never seem as good :laughing: But I should probably edit it so it comes out on the beginning of the measure

Sherz – good points about the strings… they ARE a bit “mushy” or amorphous, and could use some articulation

PM to you Doug.

Hi Doug,

Great to hear a new song from you! :sunglasses:

I think it’s a good song, though I agree with Ian about the strings.
But you did a great job!


Nice track indeed - I liked all of it.
The OCD in me says the lyrics on Bandcamp don’t quite match the track, but that’s my medication to take :slight_smile:
agree with previous comments about the guitar solo, but I liked the strings.
Couldn’t make my mind up if it was supposed to be happy or sad. Your voice sounds serious but the lyrics are quite fun. Perhaps it’s because I listened to Louden wainright III on BBC folk awards. He was singing that he wanted a 2nd life and one wasn’t long enough and he injected a lot of fun into it.
If you meant to be sad & serious then it works fine, but I wanted a fun feel to the vocals.
My 2 penneth for what it’s worth

Good points Neil. I’m still learning how to impart feeling into my singing without over doing it. Thanks for the listen :sunglasses:

Oh, and it’s supposed to be slightly humorous, like a Merle Haggard tune