The best midi controllers and setups for use with Cubase?


Has anyone out there spent as much time as I have trying to figure out the best way of implementing external midi controllers into Cubase to optimize creativity, workflow and fun-factor?

It would be really nice to get a discussion going on what users have tried and failed at, and what those people, who have spent a lot of time in this area, have decided on as there ultimate solution.

What midi controllers are the most flexible? Well built? Responsive?
Which ones suck?
How have you set them up?
What parameters do you like mapping and why?
What are you missing?

Currently I have an Axiom 25 which has 8 rotary encoders.
I use two patches where the first one maps the encoders to cc 16 through 23 which are connected to Track quick controls for controlling audio channel gain, hc and lc filters, volume fader and the first 3 sends.
The second patch is mapped to 24 through 31 for controlling VST quick controls.

So when I have a vst instrument channel selected in mix console and control the main channel functions and then quickly change the patch on the keyboard to control the vst instrument. But I haven’t quite figured out how to save the VST quick controls per instrument.

This setup is ok but the encoders themselves are a bit flimsy and setting up the axiom generally is a bit clumsy, the user interface is a bit of a mind job. Also I’m wondering whether the work flow could be better and am looking for ideas on what combination of parameters are fun to map for recording automation.

Hope this was interesting and that it sparks a useful discussion.

Thanks in advance and happy music making!


i think there is none of a good MIDI-Controller for Steinberg Cubase, Nuendo and WaveLab. the CC121 is for that, what it actually can in my opinion to expensive, and the CMC-series isn´t anymore availible to purchase, and it´s dicontinued. i hope there would be more DAW-MIDI-Controller for the application of Cubase, Nuendo, etc.