The best release by far. Period. May I suggest a crossgrade?

I believe that this version of Wavelab is the best by far. Being user of Wavelab since a lot of years ago, I have been user of Sound Forge Pro too. It seems that Sound Forge is in a slow development cycle to turn it into 64 bit. So, finally I am using Wavelab for everything. I thing it could be a good marketing idea to offer a crossgrade for Sony Sound Forge (both PC and Mac), because I am completely sure the most of the Sound Forge users will love this release.

It is only a suggestion.

I, for one, would be keen to take up such an offer.

I would also be interested in cross-grading over to Wavelab Pro9 from Sound Forge. I have been doing most of my work in Cubase and burning and mastering using Sound forge/Cd Architect since the sonic foundry days but Sony are getting slow on innovation with Sound Forge and there isn’t a reason to upgrade anytime soon unless Sony finally get ahead of the game. Of curse I can just stick with what I am using now but it would be nice to keep everything joined up using Steinberg.

This might be particularly relevant right now because it looks like Sony Creative Software (SCS), formerly Sonic Foundry, has gone suspiciously quiet in the past year, with development on products like Vegas appearing to have ground to a halt, with no presence at NAB this year for instance, and speculation about end days. Sound Forge is of the same stable, so it’s hard to see any real commitment on Sony’s part to bringing it forward. This is a clear opportunity for WaveLab, Steinberg and Yamaha.

SpectraLayers got a major upgrade last year, adding the ability to handle files with more than two channels (as SourceForge already could). Another program that can do what WaveLab can’t…


SpectraLayers was an acquisition however, and not one of the original Sonic Foundry applications like Sound Forge. Vegas, CD/DVD Architect and ACID all appear to have effectively been abandoned, at least in their “pro” versions.

The latest news is Magix have acquired Sony Creative Software, which includes Acid and Sound Forge. Now, with Samplitude already on board, I don’t see a bright future for Sound Forge, and Magix appears to be a Windows-only company … soooo … opportunity knocks for WaveLab?

The latest news is Magix have acquired Sony Creative Software, which includes Acid and Sound Forge.

Oh. News to me. Thanks. Imagine if Acid suddenly was back in 64 bit! I actually still use that last Acid release. :confused:

Yes, here’s the press release.