The best way to do installations? Pro 11 Trial (now installed) > buy the Artist and install the Pro?

Hi, few days ago I bought a Steinberg Key USB eLicenser from a local shop and installed Cubase Pro 11 Trial. Today I’m going to buy Cubase Artist and thought to ask here what’s the best way to handle all the installations.

1.) Should I uninstall the Cubase Pro 11 Trial before I install the Artist/Pro?

2.) Can I use the USB eLicenser which I already have plugged in my computer? Or should I use the one that comes with the Artist package?

Thanks in advance!

The trial version is the same product as the non-trial version, the trial license is the only difference.

If you bought Pro there is NO need to uninstall your trial.

I think if you buy ARTIST and your demo was pro, you should probably uninstall as there is a separate Cubase 11 ARTIST installer in the Steinberg Download assistant.


So, Pro Trial to Pro retail : No reinstall.

There is no need to switch to the other usb eLicenser, you can sell the extra unused elicenser.

I see no benefit in owning the second elicenser unless you want a spare that you can activate (with steinberg’s help) if the first one became lost or damaged.

If you buy an ARTIST license, the only difference will be that you might have some content that comes with PRO only and not with artist, and you can fix that by simply removing the unlicensed content when the time comes to do that, you don’t need to reinstall the whole cubase app.

If you had a demo/trial of Cubase ELEMENTS then yes you would need to uninstall and get the PRO/ARTIST installer.

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Ok, thank you for your answer. But it says in Cubase promotion page this:

"2. If you redeem the download access code (DAC) by August 1, 2021, it will automatically upgrade your Cubase Artist license to Cubase Pro for free.

3. You can then download, install and activate Cubase Pro 11 via the Steinberg Download Assistant"

So now I’m thinking if I redeem the download access code, will that process remove the Trial license and automatically make it full Pro license? And that’s it, nothing else, I then have full Cubase Pro 11 in use?

I quote myself just to say that that’s how it went. It was easy, just clicked some ok, activate etc. buttons and then I was ready with Cubase Pro 11. :slight_smile:

Right. What you really got was the Pro license for the Artist price. A great deal.

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