The Bigger Picture

I haven’t downloaded Dorico only because I’ve been completely slammed the past few days. But in that time I’ve learned that it’s apparently, for quite a few people, disappointing, buggy, crashing, not ready, etc.

I never wanted to use Finale because it came with an Encyclopedic user volume to learn and in my estimation was a left-brain’s dream. When I found Sibelius it was on an Acorn computer in the computer lab in college and when Sibelius 2 became available I IMMEDIATELY purchased it. I learned the manual in a weekend and was off writing. (What a far cry from Noteworthy Composer!)

Then I learn of Avid’s acquisition of my beloved Sibelius and their firing of the staff. Despair. What was to become of the talented team? Avid seemed content to charge me $300 for marginal ‘upgrades’ to Sibelius.

Then I learn of the Steinberg deal, as did all of you, and plans for this team to write, mind you, an entirely new program that didn’t infringe on the copyrights of the best thing they had built with Sibelius. Could it be done? Would it be better?

Well I’m here to say that I will be buying it anyway, no matter how rough this first release is. Call me ‘fanboy’ if you want but I see it as an investment in a company that has all the fundamentals in place which is owned by people that say, ‘hey, write it however you want! Just make it good!’ I certainly don’t want Finale and we all know what Avid is.

This first release of Dorico is the first swing at a problem we’ve all been begging for. We wouldn’t have been begging for it if there weren’t a problem. I have every confidence it will be amazing because that’s who these people are. Give them a break and be glad they didn’t all take jobs selling cars or in I.T. at a manufacturing plant or something. They chose to take this insanely problematic venture on.

Dorico, you have my confidence, (and soon, my $!)


I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve now spent 20 minutes using Dorico 1.0, and have managed to input a score I originally did in Sib 5 (I’ve used Sibelius since v2) into Dorico in 15 minutes, compared to more than 2 hours for the original entry. Why the difference? It’s a simple SATB choral score with 5 lines of lyrics, but getting the lyrics to line up in any sort of readable manner in Sib 5 required painstaking manual adjustment. My Dorico input was very close to my eventual hand-kerned solution in Sib - and better in several places - and I didn’t have to do anything more than input the notes and text. I also found the info I needed, when I had questions, by simply clicking on help and using the search function. Is a 1.0 product going to have all the features? No. Will it have issues when you put it on the infinite variety of system hardware floating around out there? Yes. Will a good company overcome these bumps in the road over time? Yes. And you can’t find a better track record for dealing with issues than the team here. Just go back to using Sib 2 for a while and remind yourself of how far the program evolved from 2 to 6…

Well put Jermiahwas and Jeff. I agree entirely.