The biggest annoyance with Nuendo 5.5

I have a quite complex setup with several external FX devices. When e.g. loading projects from other artists I start with loading my input and output presets, which works as expected. But when it comes to my external FX setup I still always have to reconnect manually several connections. I even gave up to make special surround and stereo setups with my TC6000s because switching between them is not possible easily and needs manual reconnections every time. Instead I have one FX setup now spread over all machines using surround and stereo connections. Therefore I don’t use the full capabilities I have. The tedious work to reconnect all I/O manually is too time consuming as I like to switch between surround and stereo work.
My biggest wish is therefore to have FX connection presets like for the inputs and outputs. It can’t be so hard. The external FX implementation is otherwise practically perfect. Why a separate preset handling is missing for FX setups is beyond me.


“Favorites” is actually the same as “presets”.
So you are able to save and recall your favorite external instruments, including delays, etc …


I guess you write this every time something around the FX routing and the wish of presets is popping up.

  1. that is for single effects and doesn’t work reliable for the actual recall of the audio connections
  2. like with the inputs/outputs presets there is a global preset handling necessary
  3. it is not understandable anyway that by switching between different ASIO/audio systems a re-connecting is necessary every time. The same goes for loading other projects done on other systems.
    I have a lot of external hardware connected to my MADI system and the way how switching between different audio setups is handled is a catastrophe when it comes to FX routing.
    The problem even occurs when switching MADI systems from 44.1 to 96 kHz for example. The number of channels is in half and easily reconnected with presets for inputs and outputs - but not so for the FX routings.
    Even if the Favourites thingy would work fully reliable, it would be tedious to do this every time for every external FX here. I can spend time much better.
    Please … no sissy dancing around the actual problem.