The built in effects on mr816x and cubase 8 pro

Can anyone here give a description of how to set up these mr816x effects in cubase 8?
It has always shown “not available” when I have tried, but I’m probably doing something wrong…


Haven’t got an 816 hooked up at the moment after downsizing … But I do recall this occurring if you happen to be running ( or installed or updated ) Novations AutoMap software utility.

This ‘wraps’ the 816’slug ins and makes them stop working. The solution is to run the AutoMap configuration and deselect the 816 RevX and Voice Channel plug ins.

Hope this helps…

Hi dillerpiller,
the process is quite easy just refer to the operation manual pg 19. However when u use it as a vst you will have to bounce your work in realtime which has issues of its own.
My take… print the fx u want to use.

Thanks! It worked :slight_smile: