The button that arms a channel for recording? Locked up ?

Working on a project, I find a few of my channels are not able to be armed for recording anymore. This really confuses me, ha! The channels in question have been edited a bit, and bounced maybe three times each. Did I hit an edit limit or something?

Also, as I considered batch exporting the tracks in the project to create a new project with these locked up tracks, it occurred to me I don’t know if the mono export of a track (via the mixdown export function) is the stereo image collapsed or if its the actual mono wave file/track I’m sending to the mono out bus. Is this even possible? Is access to the mono wave/track only possible via the pool? Is the method then to close the current project, create a new project and load it from the pool?

Last question on this subject. Since one could center the panner on a channel and disengage all efx, set the mixdown export to mono, it seems a given that the mono track wave file could be exported from the project to be opened in another platform, say PT. is this the only way this can be done?

Thanks in advance.

Make sure, the track has an input bus selected

If you sum a stereo signal to mono, the stereo image is obviously collapsed, if you export the left and right channel of a stereo track to two independent mono tracks, you can restore the stereo image.

"bounce selection can do the same, if I´m not misunderstanding you.

Doh! You’re correct, I turned the input bus’s off. I had no idea the Cubase program was that clever. Wow.

OK, it makes sense that the mono export function is the stereo pair collapsed. What I wonder about at this point is the whole concept of batch exporting an entire project. For example, if I wanted to send something out to be mastered and they requested the original wave files. Using the mixdown batch export, it can be done by selecting mono export, centering the panner and removing all efx and automation. Ha, until now, this hadn’t occurred to me, thick as I may be.

That said, thinkingcap, I am not sure if I heard you correctly. Is there a way to bounce the original wave out of the project to another project, or better yet to a folder that is outside the current project? What I want is the original mono wave file that I recorded. And thanks for all the help. :slight_smile:

Thinkingcap? Anybody? How do you go about quickly removing the RAW wave file from a track for import into another DAW?

Is it possible to use the Bounce feature to do this?

How do you go about quickly removing the RAW wave file from a track for import into another DAW?

Why do you need to “remove” it from a track? If it´s on your track, its´on your Harddrive somewhere. Just take it from there, or what exactly are you trying to achieve…?
“Bounce selection” will create a new “raw” audiofile, without inserts, panning, fader positions etc. Event volumes and edits will be included though.

Thinkingcap, OK, I understand what you were saying originally. I thought you were saying the Bounce feature was somehow able to offer you an option to place the bounced file outside of the project.

It does in that way, that you can define a folder where the newly bounced files are stored in, if that’s what you mean. I admit, I’ m not completely understanding what exactly you’re trying to achieve.