The Cheap Seats

Another song this one written by bands Guitarist Scott Goudeau, another one take no overdubs all mistakes were final lol.
The instruments used etc are listed on song description in soundcloud. Not a lot of plugs used, we made most of decisions going to print for compression and pre-amps.

Blessed to get to play with these guys, I just cut a bunch of stuff with the Bass player for his record, can’t wait to be able to share that.

If you like please help me by leaving a comment on Sound Cloud also, it will really help me…Trying to get these guys to play out more or maybe more than just once lol

Jeez, Kenny. I don’t know what to say. Beautifully recorded, and even more beautifully performed. I can’t really comment other than to heap lots of praise on it. Sounds like the band really gelled together incredibly well, and feed off each other effortlessly.

Really, this is fantastic. Congratulations on a well performed song, and on your ability to seemingly do it so easily.

Yeah… have to agree with SLD, there’s always a certain class and sophistication to your work. And while it’s not my genre as such you can’t ignore the musicianship and craftmanship that has clearly gone into this. Nice! :slight_smile:

nice one Kenny ,yes agree with everyone, very good playing ,it felt like the solos started a little early it seemed to settle down a bit too soon ,but anyway some blinding playing .congrats to the guitar player for writing this. oh yes and the band should do more live gigs you could maybe beam us over to watch the show because you are realy captain james t kirk arent you Kenny, the picture you use on your soundcloud is a dead ringer for captain kirk. over and out cap`n :laughing:

Nice work all around. The cut has a warmth to it that most of the tunes I hear here don’t have. Great organ solo! :sunglasses:

Very good stuff Kenny, though I do miss your posts of your own, more melancholy, compositions. The unisons at the beginning and end are really nice and pretty incredible to perform like that on a one take. I particularly enjoyed the sax!

Thanks so much, I hope we can work together on something! I can imagine your vocal talent with me on a piece of music. I know how busy you are but we should think about it. Piano/upright bass/voice ???

Ian thanks so much, the Sax guy and I were a little out of our element also that was why it was so much fun to do this project. I really just took as a day at the School of Music and was so surprised at how well everyone did. The drummer was crazy good

:laughing: :laughing: You got me reading Kirk quotes today!!!

Thanks, I am so luck to have gotten that Hammond endorsement. They treat me really well and they are a great company with great players running it

Yes I have been doing that music a lot still but there is no kind of music I don’t like or want to play. Doing sessions here has got me playing tons of country/rock/gospel (which I love playing even though I have different cultural and religious views) I will post some more soon but I am trying to get the $$ together to finish the acoustic project. Got 19 songs written but need to add more players…trumpets/flutes/perc etc. O well soon though, thanks so much Johnathan for your friendship and mutual respect

I really enjoyed that. I loved all the playing, the actual sounds (particularly the drums) are great, but most of all I thought it was a great tune. Really catchy melody/harmonies. Great stuff.


Ooo, looking forward to the compositions with flute then, loved the previous one with flute that you posted some time ago.

Great job, wonderful playing by everyone! :sunglasses:

The style reminded me of Mike Stern, especially the unisono guitar/sax lines.


P.s. I hope we can do another collab in the near future?.. :slight_smile:

Slick and very well done, take a bow as you deserve it. Be sure to let the guys know who played that they are spot on!

Love these tracks from you Kenny. Must have been a blast to be playing with these guys. Great playing by all the guys. On my speakers the bass sounds a bit quiet, except in his solo. This band should definitely be playing out a lot.

This is arguably the best thing I have heard from you! Early on I kept thinking the drummer could do a bit more then reached the end and thought “okay nevermind” haha. You perform much in Nashville?

Thanks, we had great charts and a lot of freedom. Just the essentials written out, so everyone was allowed to play what they felt and with the right guys that always works. No producer needed lol

Thanks Wim! and P.S. If you mean that at I going to take you up on that, you are my favorite musician PERIOD!!!

Thank you LB, just helped the Bass player with his project and booked a couple of clinics and University shows. Wish there was a bigger market for this stuff :frowning:

It was a tough balancing act, probably right on bass but it’s in can now :frowning: One of the guys has been hard to get to play live, he is a choir director for a large church and it keeps him too busy

Haha you ought to hear drummer play country! I perform a lot in Nashville. There are some great players here across all spectrum of music. I am so glad I moved here!
Thanks all! Will hopefully post more soon

Of course I mean that Kenny, I love your work! :sunglasses: