The Chorder midi insert feature. Great possibilities! :)

Hi all:)

I had totally forgot about the chorder midi insert plug which really are a fantastic plug With lots of possibilities. I relly do recomend everybody to try it out a bit for some great results.

But I have a question. Is this plug extremely cpu hungry for other users?

I would greatly appreciate ALL feedback!

ole marcus


No, it’s not hungry, here (on Mac).

ok. thanks for the feedback Martin! :slight_smile:

I get good use out of Chorder on synth brass, piano and keyboards sometimes. Nice for coming up with early ideas.
Much better than chord track imo, which I felt was one of the most un-intuitive apps i’ve ever used. I’d like an update to Chorder.

Only time I’ve had CPU was if the project was already huge, and the VSTi I’m triggering cannot handle the additional timbres caused by a large chord.

Where is this plugin? It’s not in the Mac version of Cubase.


It is in the Mac version (Cubase Pro, and also probably Artist). :wink:

It’s a MIDI Insert, which is available for MIDI or Instrument Track.

Yeah, I used it on a Project runnig 20+ vsti’s over 100 tracks total and the synth i was triggering was Omnisphere With a super huge patch. thx :slight_smile: