The Chorder - What the ....?

I’ve just been having a look at the new Chorder feature but can get nothing to happen.

Has anyone had any success with this?

Following the Help on page 596 I selected a midi part and checked the two boxes. There is no ‘Apply’ option as indicated in the Help (what? - already it is wrong) but there is an [OK] button so I clicked that - Nothing happens - there is no Chorder track anywhere near the Part/Track I used and no Chorder track at the end of the Project - Where is it? - What should I be looking for?

The Help reads “Make sure the MIDI notes can be interpreted as chords. Drums, monophonic bass, or lead tracks are not suitable.” - If the Midi notes can be interpreted as chords don’t we already have the chords in the Midi part? - so what are we trying to achieve?

None of it seems to make sense - Is there a video explaining what on earth is going on?

There are lots of video tutorials. Try to search “Cubase Chord track video” on Google.

Thanks - I’ll have a look.