The CJK font of the Steinberg Download Manager has serious legibility issues

AFAIK till now it still uses Arial Unicode MS.
(The kanji parts of the Arial Unicode MS are terribly crafted by Monotype HongKong.)

On macOS, my recommendations are:
zh-Hans: PingFang SC
zh-Hant: PingFang TC
zh-Hant-HK: PingFang HK
ja: Hiragino Kaku Gothic W3
ko: Apple SD Gothic Neo

On Windows:
zh-CN: Microsoft YaHei
zh-TW & zh-HK: Microsoft JhengHei
ja: Meiryo
ko: Malgun Gothic

P.S.: on both platforms plz forget about Yu Gothic which also has legibility issues when being used in UI font size.

Thanks for this feedback, which I will pass on to the SDA team.

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