The CMC-TP...


I’m getting more and more used to using the CMC-TP (slowing integrating it into my work flow and funnily enough, just ordered a CMC-CH) but I am wondering, is it possible to have every button permanently illuminated (dimly) and have the buttons illuminate brightly when pressed because I am finding it difficult to read what they do when the lights in my Music lab are dimmed down! I’m not sure if I’ve missed something or whether the TP can’t actually do this. If not, why can’t it? Would be a great update!



Yes, update Tools and Firmware to the latest version. What you requested was added with version 1.1:


  • (All models) Added a LED dimmer lighting option in Cubase and Nuendo. When the option is
    active, LEDs on connected devices will always stay dim.


There’s a separate forum for CMC by the way, in the hardware section.

Oh my goodness. This is amazing. Cubase 7.5 just gets better every day! :slight_smile:



Wait, that’s not what he’s looking for. The dimmer only dims the LED’s of those buttons that are already lit. It does not illuminate all buttons.

Isn’t there a dedicated CMC forum …o look i found it