The Collar by George Herbert.

Here’s one i made earlier…a snippet from the setting of Metaphysical poet, George Herberts ‘The Collar’ poem.
Couldn’t fit anymore on as larger than 2 Mb!

CollarEndVoc2011.mp3 (1.61 MB)

amazing voice and nice dark and moody accompaniment .the quality of the vocal recording or mix or eq is a bit shaky though ,you`ve captured a lot of sibilance ,i used to do that a lot but you can edit a fair bit of it out by zooming in and cutting round the offending sssshhhh and pull the volume handle down on that bit of audio , it can be worth it if you did a good vocal performance.

nice music…agree with firestamper…Kevin

thanks firestamper. it’s not me singing it is olivia suki brown. i do everything else and then work with various brilliant singers.

thanks for the advice…i have never heard of sibilance before as self taught with not a technical bone in my body. that’s why i love cubase as you can hit record and something half decent happens.
i have given up looking for someone to produce my songs here in london…so it’ s going to be warts n all!!


Very cool, I’m taken away by this and looking forward to hearing more from this hypnotic project

thank you kzarider!
my classical pieces are a bit different from my pop music!