"The Copyist" Fonts for Dorico are now available

The Copyist” my newest handwritten font for Dorico.

The Copyist is a handwritten music and text fonts for Dorico with lots of personality. Nothing else will get you as close to the look and feel of the classic Broadway scores à la Bert Kosow Style.

The Copyist Fonts for Dorico are now available for purchase:


PDF samples:

Green Trees Are Bending

Viola – Symphony No. 9

Full score – SECOND PART

Prices and Responses

Viola – Dorico Prelude

Tuba – Dorico Prelude

Beethoven Moonlight Sonata


Gershwin – Summertime

Clash Cymbal – Symphony No. 9

Flute 1 – Symphony No. 9


Very nicely done.

Thanks so much Andrew.

Congratulations to Nordine for his wonderful font The Copyst which I think is beautiful.
I have a particular affection for the treble key and the bass key which I find splendid.
Everything is beautifully drawn.
Congratulations also for the text font The Copyst Number and in particular the one for the fingerings.
The Copyst is 6 fonts 100% Dorico compatible and 1350 symbols.
A new reference for jazz fonts SMUFL.
I enclose a screenshot of one of my works with this sumptuous font.

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Hi Laurent,

Thanks for the compliment, I’m so glad that you enjoyed buying and using my latest handwritten font The Copyist. FYI, my website records says that you were the first one who purchased this font :wink: among many other costumers.

I’m now working on sister fonts of The Copyist font family, yes new handwritten with a different look, stay tuned.

@Laurent_Colombo The Copyist Font Family feature 11 fonts not 6 fonts.

  1. The Copyist Text.otf
  2. The Copyist Numbers.otf
  3. The Copyist.otf
  4. The Copyist Alpha-Bold
  5. Italic.otf The Copyist Alpha-Heavy.otf
  6. The Copyist Alpha-Regular.otf
  7. The Copyist Alpha-Light.otf
  8. The Copyist Alpha-Light Italic.otf
  9. The Copyist Alpha-Italic.otf
  10. The Copyist Alpha-Heavy Italic.otf
  11. The Copyist Alpha-Bold.otf
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really sorry

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I spent 30 years playing in theatre pits and, as soon as I saw this, nostalgia kicked in. Fantastically realistic and crystal clear.

Who would have thought a font could bring back such happy memories…


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@Beechside Thanks for the compliment and glad that my design brings back happy memories for you. Actually Font Design is an Art just like jazz or any other art.

@NorFonts , I like your fonts and I’m thinking about buying this and/or other fonts. I noticed quite a big difference in price between the Dorico and the Sibelius/Finale versions. There is problably a good reason for this?
Any plans on a Dorico fonts bundle?

@HeiPet Thanks for your interest, the difference is simple, The Copyist fonts for Finale & Sibelius are the same ones (unSMuFL’d), featuring only 347 glyphs, while the SMuFL font for Dorico is featuring almost 1388 glyphs.

I’m planing to make a Dorico fonts bundle in the future.

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Thank you for the explanation. That’s what I suspected. Looking forward to more Dorico fonts in the future!

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You are welcome!