The current Cubase Sale

Hi, I can see that Steinberg are offering a big reduction sale for artist and elements upgrades. Why do we not get one for Pro? It seems a little unfair. A number of us are on older Pro and waiting to upgrade at a fair deal.

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Don’t know what you mean.

Yehh , it’s really unfair , you have a sale and i don’t :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :smile:

Yeah, on my screen when, I click to try to upgrade, I only see discounts for upgrades from Artist.

I don’t think this is correct. The button highlighted in grey, upgrade from Cubase Pro, is clicked. The upgrade for Element is $433 on sale on my screen.

I am going to guess, this sale is for non Pro customers, which is unfortunate.

Hm. Those are the only customers who could use an upgrade to Cubase Pro.

Observe that there are both Updates and Upgrades in that list

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Oh. I see. Thanks.

i checked (already have 12pro)
there is an update from pro 11 to pro 12 and from cubase4-10.5 pro to pro 12
anyway, i didn’t think there will be another sale for cubase 12, there was few months ago if im not mistaken !
and probably it also indicates that cubase 13 has at least more few month till its release
Edit: hooo and its only till 23 july 2023? when the sale started, is it the same sale going on from few months ago ?
Edit: confused a little’ there is no sale for updates only on upgrades
the updates have the same regular update price !!

it tricked me too :upside_down_face:
the updates are not in sale even though you can choose the option to update in the sale page from 11pro to 12 pro or C4-10.5 pro to 12 pro

I suppose that’s why they announced a sale for Upgrades, and they didn’t say Updates.

thanks for the clarification. i think a lot of Cubase users may not be aware of the distinction and differences between “update” and “upgrade”.

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English is not my first language. 80% of the time, I think that I mostly understand what I read. But in this case, when it says Upgrades or Updates, I read and understand “Latest and Greatest” in both cases. It took me some time to understand that "ooooh it’s literal! The offer is on Upgrades only. :grinning: :sweat_smile: :face_with_monocle:

Edit: Lol, corrected Updates to Upgrades.

I don’t feel the same way. I think with the way the Steinberg web site UI is and the way it’s structured, the initial sale ad was presented as a sale on the cubase product line at 40% off “on all”

The first thing that catches the customers eye is the word sale and 40%, and then they are navigate and authenticate into the Steinberg site and are presented with a page with 4 or 5 options to chose from, and the confusion is they are seeing some prices crossed out and others are not and the first thing you think is, there may be a delay in updating the site or a web site error, so you leave and hope they fix it can come back. It took a bit of time to sort out that its 40% off sale for existing Artists customers and not for Pro customers.

Anyways, it’s not a big deal or the end of the world, I am sure other sales will come along. But I think the initial wording would have needed to be, a special sale for Artist and Elements customers.

btw … i work in IT and some very large enterprise ERP sites and happy to offer consulting services for a fee.

Steinberg has always used “upgrade” for upgrading to a higher edition of the product, and “update” for a paid update to the latest version of the same edition.

Cubase sales are often split - the chances are that there will be an update sale once the upgrade sale is over. However, if the release of Cubase 13 is close then there might not be a summer update sale this year.

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What’s the practice usually? Is Cubase Pro 13 upgrade likely to be on sale in the upcoming holiday period? Just released today.

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While it doesn’t explicitly exclude any sale, I’d say the price is what it will be for some time


Thanks for the info