The Death Of Truth

Hello Steinbergers,

I’ve just released the 5th single from my album 'Lead Us To Your Taker (Disable The Corrupt). It’s an instrumental called - The Death Of Truth.

I used my Kemper Profiler (Rack) and my G&L Legacy to record the guitars, and ESP 5 String Bass and progged the drums using BFD3. Everything recorded and mixed in Cubase 10.5 Pro the BEST f’ing DAW ever. Have a listen if you like, enjoy :slight_smile:

You are getting some pretty cool guitar sounds. I like your G&L Legacy with the Kemper. The whole piece sounds great. If I could make a suggestion it would be to go back through and clarify which parts are the melodies. At some points it’s muddled, and also the kick in particular dominates; might be turned down here and there.

Hey Early21, thanks for taking a listen, and for the suggestion, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello, it is a pleasure to be here, without a doubt I think it is my duty to say that this is the best name in history, I love it for a book

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@berniwollo thanks :slight_smile: it certainly is a reflection of my thoughts on our current global situation.

Fine instrumental, a little disjointed sometimes but sounded good in my studio at max volume…well done.

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Thanks for the feedback and for listening to the track :slight_smile: