The dreaded CUBASE X has stopped working

I am using CUBASE 8.5 on windows 10, and the above error/window appears when I try to open a particular project, which loaded previously. But this post is related to ALL the CUBASE X failures reporting “… has stopped working”

After searching the forum, I find it amazing that Steinberg do not address this issue correctly. If their product fails to start up reporting an issue/error, when doesn’t it report the error in English as to the cause in the dmp file that has been created? After examining dmp files in previous crashes, you may find some text that could point to the issue.

But, I do not understand Steinberg’s lack of professionalism, in providing a simple debug tool, for it’s paying customers, to simply provide a more verbose textual explanation why the CUBASE application has failed to load in the project. Given it knows as it came across some problem to stop and exit.

Why are we being treated like a bunch of fools?

So one again, why can’t Steinberg provide an explanation to their paying customers as to why their application fails?
The contents of their dmp file should provide an explanation or at worst, an indication as to why it has failed to load the CUBASE project. There should be no reason to send a dmp file to Steinberg support, when their customers should be empowered to have a “tool” to explain the dmp contents of the failure. Simple

Cubase 8.5 is from 7 or 8 years ago. Improvements to what you’re describing have been made.

Though, I get that you wanted to get that off your chest.